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Laser Vision

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What is Laser Vision in Houston?

For over two decades, the evolution of surgical vision correction has been helping millions to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses and the physicians of Texas Eye Institute have been at the forefront of refractive surgery for over 20 years.

The initial procedure performed to correct nearsightedness and astigmatism is known as Radial Keratotomy or “RK”. First performed in 1978, doctors used a diamond blade to make radial incisions in the cornea thereby changing its shape. RK was an excellent alternative in its time, but a new way to improve the precision and predictability of altering the shape of the cornea has been found. This remarkable modern technology is known as the Excimer Laser. With the Excimer Laser, it is now possible to remove tissue with up to 0.25 microns of accuracy. The first application of the Excimer Laser to correct poor vision is known as Photorefractive Keratectomy or “PRK”. PRK utilizes the Excimer Laser to reshape the underlying tissues of the cornea with a cool ultraviolet beam.

Laser in-Situ Keratomileusis or “LASIK” is the most recent and exciting technique of laser vision correction being sought after worldwide. LASIK is a combination surgery that uses a special motorized blade called a microkeratome that enables the surgeon to create a”protective flap” in the cornea. The Excimer Laser is then used to reshape the inner layers of the cornea, after which the flap is repositioned where it bonds securely without the need for stitches. With LASIK, your dependence on corrective lenses can be eliminated in a matter of minutes.

It’s easy to see why PRK and Blade-Free LASIK are truly revolutionary procedures which combine the technology of the Excimer Laser, the eye’s own natural healing process, and the skill of Texas Eye Institute’s surgical team!

For the best LASIK eye surgery in Houston, call Texas Eye Institute. You can rely on our knowledgeable and friendly staff to explain the many aspects of LASIK eye surgery. Our doctors can help you reach an educated, well-informed decision about what is best for your vision.  

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Texas Eye Institute is proud to provide five convenient locations for your eye care needs. Visit one of our convenient locations in Angleton, Sugarland, Southwest Houston, Katy, or Southeast Houston to see why the Texas Eye Institute is the best choice to care for your vision. Need LASIK in Houston? What about a comprehensive eye exam in Sugarland? See our locations page to find our practice nearest you!

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